Film swap in project : Foma 200 with PMONROE (Seoul)

Waiting for the final shot : DIY dishwasher/detergent on NOON pinhole 6x9, Rollei Retro 400 on F301 + red filter, Foma 200 on Spinner 360°, RPX100 on Horizon and Weathermatic, Lomochrome Turquoise on Trip 35, unknown expired film on unknown plastic camera stored at up to 45°C

Waiting to be developed : C41 (Lomography Redscale on Yashica Dental Eye, expired Lomography Color 100 on Mju II), Lomography Orca 110 on Instaplus Pocket, Retro 80S, RPX100, Washi S, Lomography Redscale, unknown expired film on disposable camera.

Waiting to be scanned with my awful V370 : Kodak Portra 160VC on Meopta Flexaret 6x6, Agfa 400 expired 1998 on Mju II, Rollei Retro 400 on Agfa Flash, Fuji Instax Mini, expired 1984 east German ORWO 160 slide on Trip 35, Lomography Redscale on Minolta Weathermatic.

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