e6 process of Persib Bandung (Indonesia) vs New Radiant (Maldives)

AFC Cup 2015 at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Soreang, Bandung, Indonesia on February 25th, 2015. I'm late because I was searching for a film for my amunition. So I didn't get a ticket from the official ticket seller. When I was at the stadium the first half was end and I ask the door guard police where I could get the ticket. Then he offer me to come inside with pay him. I ask him "how much" he said " up to you" because the official price of VVIP ticket is Rp 150.000 ($1 = Rp 13.000) I gave him Rp 100.000 and he take me to the VVIP tribune but I'm avoid sit at the VVIP chair in case the seat was taken by "the real" VVIP ticket owner =p I'm feeling like a criminal T_T for watching my fave local football club. Thanks God we win 4 - 1. Sadly now the clash between Indonesian sport minister and PSSI (the association of Indonesian football) make the Indonesian league were stopped and it make Persib couldn't play at AFC Cup anymore if FIFA decide to gave Indonesian football a sanction T_T --- Many thanks to @artlens and his girlfriend @isilyellowcopets who help me to did my e6 process debut. Since I know about slide film and the e6 process in 2009, I really wanna do that. Unfortunately there are no more photo lab in my country (at that time) which provide e6 process. One day I'm viewing @artlens e6 process photo and then I'm messaging him where he did e6 process. After he told me that he did at Saturn Foto Service in Hamburg, Germany while visiting @isilyellowcopets there, I wonder and asking @artlens if I can asking @isilyellowcopets help for doing e6 process there too. Ahh, Thanks God they are very nice lomocouple and help me with a big help. After about a month later I'm receiving my first e6 process slide for the first time and I'm very very happy. It's like Tony Hawk in 80s era who think that walkman is one of the new seven wonder, for me e6 process result is a new magical seven wonder. The photo appear right at the cliche and I don't need to guess again if I'm looking at the cliche what photo is that =D Once again thanks to lomocouple @artlens and @isilyellowcopets ^0^