Belair X 6-12で撮影や多重露光を行う方法は?

写真撮影: Belair X 6-12 で撮影する方法は本当に簡単です。被写体にカメラを向けて、シャッターレリーズレバーを下に押すだけ! It’s a self-cocking shutter design so you don’t need to cock the shutter after each release!

フィルム巻き上げ: After each photo taken you will need to advance to the next fresh frame and get ready to shoot your next picture. Look at the red frame window at the camera back and advance according to the format you’ve selected.

多重露光: It’s so easy! Take your first photo, DO NOT advance the film and then take your second, third shots…only advance the film when your work is done!

written on 2012-10-31 in #camera #belair