My first polaroid

Bought a polaroid because I want to bring it along with me to Khon Kaen exchange. Once I reached my MRT station, I took the polaroid out of the box and happily clung it on my shoulder. BAM. The polaroid dropped. Spent about half an hour fixing it, asked sasha and also read related forums. Finally, the rollers work. This is my first shot with my own polaroid. Hopefully it continues to work and don't die on me halfway. I think what crossed my mind when I thought it was going to be spoilt was that I have already excitedly told my friends about it. Random sidenote: This reminded me of how people who are usually pregnant don't reveal their pregnancy till they are past 3 months pregnant.. this is for fear of any miscarriages of sort hence disappointing others. Back to my own reflection, I have been questioning myself: Since when did the disappointment of others mattered to me more than the disappointment that I would hold against myself?

Fuji Instax Wide 210
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