Kat O

b&w ruin
Fujifilm KLASSE
Kodak Tri-X 400
Hong Kong

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  1. gnarfobian
    gnarfobian ·

    I love these three images so much! The composition is so well placed, the elements in the frame are so balanced against each other, and the way you used the foreground gives a sense of depth that is very immersive. I think the film look adds to the feel quite a bit as well... When I look at these images, I want to find this place and explore it! This is also a wonderful set of images as a series. I especially like this chair image, as I am often attracted to chairs as a subject myself in their mysterious stories that are suggested by our human minds. Who knows who sat in that chair and what sorts of things were discussed, though or done on it? These are the sorts of things that make photography so fascinating to me, be it the true stories behind an image or the projected ones we place ourselves into. Great Work Bcpleung! What Beautiful Ruin!

  2. bcpleung
    bcpleung ·

    @gnarfobian : Thank you so much for your comments. I think the film and also the light source really helped a lot. Actually, the shooting place is an abandoned school. It was unintentionally discovered during a trip. Yes, I have the same thinking, very interesting who ever sat downn...lots of association. Anyway, thanks for your likes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Stay safe!

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