Kodak Instamatic X-25

A beautifully simple 126 camera. A lever opens the back so you can drop in the film cartridge. Close the back. Another lever takes the picture. The big knob on top winds up the spring inside the camera so that when you take a picture, the film automatically advances to the next frame. No batteries needed. Too dark? Snap on a MagiCube flash cube. This was the camera that got me started in photography. It was Christmas 1975 and my best friend had gotten a Yankee processing tank, 3 trays and a Kodak Tri-chem pack for black & white film. 126 was available in black & white back then. The amazement of seeing my negatives appear out of that little tank made me believe that magic & science could co-exist. I pulled the back off of a Polaroid Square Shooter and taped a shoe box to it, stuck a light bulb in the other side and I had built a cheap enlarger to make prints with. From that moment on, I was determined to learn all I could about photography. I was 12.

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Kodak instamatic x-25
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