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i'm a visual artist & crafter based on indonesia, just enjoying taking random photo, i enjoyed mechanical camera, and i very bad at captioning my photo i take very well, because i'm a very lame at write down what i fell lol, please well be great if you leave a comment on what do you fell when see my photowork.

primarily used nikon fm2n silver, with nikkor 50mm f1.4 AI lens,
but every camera and lenses have their own feel to it right

my gear :
Nikon Fm2n silver, Nikon Fm2n black,Nikon f2, Nippon kogaku F, Kiev 4am helios 103 lens (superb lenses, love it), Zorky 4k industar61, Zeiss-ikon contessa 35 (awesome old camera),pentax mx and yashica 126g

keep Load a film, get failed and have fun

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