Central Balkan

One of the oldest mountains in Europe the Balkans, are dividing the Balkan Peninsula to two geographical parts - northern and southern. Having that in mind, the weather here can change unusually fast - from sunny and warm to mists, squalls and lightning storms. This is where the name of the mountain originates from - "Balkan" is an old Turkish word that stands for blood and honey. Old people say - One must pass the Balkan before noon. The highest peak is named after the great revolutionary, poet and political caricaturists - Hristo Botev, who took part in the liberty rebellions against the Ottomans back in the 19th century. The guy is a legend, so is the peak with hight of 2,376m. above sea level, and extremely dynamic weather. Visible on few of my pictures here, with the big pillar building. Unfortunately, due to a lightning storm I couldn't take any from the peak itself - just a few on the way, and the morning after. Also, the album contains few other peaks, as such as Kupen, small Kupen, Ambaritsa, and few unnamed. The huge waterfall is called Raysko Praskalo, which would mean Heavenly Sprinkler in English and with its hight of 124.5 m it is the highest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula. And if you look closely, you can see an actual deer in one of the pictures, right beneath the small Ambaritsa peak. These beautiful and friendly creatures get scared easily, usually you see them already running away and it's quite hard to get them on film.

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