A week prior to the Mt. Apo climb, I and fellow mountaineers had our last physical training. We jogged around the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex several times. Hours before the training, as I traveled from Alabang to the CCP, I took wide-angled shots of random scenes I passed by. After the training I fed the same roll on my modified supersampler and just the same, took random shots of fancy. I was amazed to find out that the shots have mixed vertical orientation such that inverting a photo brings out a different image from the original. Such discovery only proves to me that we are somewhat programmed to see things with respect to the power of gravity - ie., all things are grounded or should at least be identifiable in reference to where the ground is (even if slightly visible or merely suggestive). This is also to say that our eyes easily detects anything with proper vertical orientation. Well, at least that's how I see. View this set as a visual exercise. Each photo is followed immediately by its exact inversion. Try to see what two different images are born of the same photo by simply turning it upside down. Have fun!

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