the tunnel beneath umbrella street

Having snapped the umbrellas I flicked the MX button and wandered around looking for something to shoot over the top. Found what I was looking for next to the train station in Bath where this tunnel provided an ideal second layer. The placement turned out well but then that's what shooting doubles is all about for me - blind luck!

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  5. lomomowlem
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    @pinkbutterfly @robertofiuza @armandoi666 @jakkr Thanks very much for the kind words and thanks to everyone for liking!

  6. troch
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    Congrats on POTD!

  7. honeygrahams224
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    Wonderful job.

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    Congrats on #potd!

  9. u-t-e
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    For some reason I don't see a like button under this photo. So I'll let you know here: I really like this photo :)!

  10. lomomowlem
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    @troch @honeygrahams224 @ivaylo @u-t-e Thanks very much!

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    W o w !

  12. lomomowlem
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    @zorki Thanks very much!

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