Office monkey by day, struggling writer by night.
I write about and take photos of gigs sometimes.

Current cameras:
Lomo'Instant Automat // Fuji Instax 210 // Olympus Trip 35 // Minolta 110 Zoom // Lomography ActionSampler // Canon T70 // Lomography Konstruktor // Halina STB Flashmatic // Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Previous cameras:
Holga K200NM (RIP- plastic casing melted while on holiday) // Holga 120 CFN (RIP- never really worked despite modifications) // Zorki 4K // Coronet Rapide

Instant Photography Challenge: Out and About in the City winner
Featured in the 'Meural and Lomography present Sehnsucht' gallery piece
Lomo Home Of The Day, 6th March 2017
Lomo Home Of The Day, 12th December 2018
Lomo'Instant Automat Tips and Tricks runner-up
In The Mood For Music runner-up


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