Adox Silvermax 100, Nikon FM, Pushed from 100 to 400

*Bought 3 rolls of these films from Germany. It supposedly has very high silver content, which means it is suitable for push processing.

Was taught by this pro(the kind old man with a macbook in this album) that Singapore's monsoon season is best for bw photography. He told me to go try and shoot a few stops higher, then push process, so I can capture the essence of the rain.

I was so happy when i received the negatives from him(yes I passed it to him to develop). I used 100asa film, shot at 400 iso. I was exhilarated when I saw my scans!

This Adox Silvermax is now my favourite Black and White film. It has such clarity even after pushing 2 stops. Totally love it!

My favourite album so far! :D

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  1. dewitiara
    dewitiara ·

    OMG! The picture is really SO clear! My macro shots are always really blur (even though I thought LC-A could capture clear macro shots)

  2. raylemon
    raylemon ·

    I was using a nikon slr...LC-A closest is 0.8m if I am not wrong? anything nearer would be blur...and slr gives me the ability to adjust precise focusing...if you want macro shots using lc-a, need to get the close up lens which I have, but still don;t really know how to use it lol. supposedly need to go near like 2 inches away from the subject with the close up lens! this are the shots using the lca closeup:…
    Still trying to figure out...those 2 are still blur!

  3. raylemon
    raylemon ·

    @dewitiara forgot to tag u lol

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