I am a photographer who loves to find the unique aesthetic of underdog cameras, pinhole cameras and alternative processes. Chief among underdog cameras is my all plastic Recesky TLR which I have used extensively and learned to embrace its limitations and unique character.
I especially love to convert broken medium format cameras to pinhole taking off the glass lens and defective shutter giving them a second life.
Self-made cameras are great and I make them quirky with whatever I have to hand so they cost next to nothing. There is something really special about photography when it involves a little bit of thought and determination beyond just the gear.
I also love to use 35mm film in lo-fi 126 and medium format cameras to bring them back to life, plus you get sprockets too!
I recently (end of 2022) discovered a love of creating cyanotypes and printing photos using acetate negatives.. quite a journey to understand the creative possibilities. This even includes creating 'in camera' cyanotypes, a whole new journey fraught with difficulty and needing a lot of time and light. I have only managed to share 2 successful in-camera cyanotypes so far (more failure than success but still learning).
In early summer 2023 I discovered the creative possibilities of 'in camera' lumen photography mainly using expired B&W photo paper and self-made cameras from scrap wood. This is probably the steepest learning curve I have ever been on, it is also quite addictive and obsessive!
I find the photos uploaded by my friends on the Lomography site really inspiring because they are often so different to what I do myself. They really do help me out of a creative rut by seeing through the creative eyes of other photographers... so thank you all for what you share!

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