Just like the indestructible Chrysler Imperial. A block long and belching smoke; but, what a ride . . Keep your megapixels and auto everything(digital does have its uses though)...I'll stick to Tri-X and medium format negs. It's all about what your comfortable with. And film is what I was schooled, apprenticed, and have always work in. It basically boils down to this: I have been lucky, I am just a picture taker, doing something I love for a living. Never did have a "real job". Shirt covered in developer and with fixer fingers, this dinosaur can still roar. Please feel free to look round and drop a note if you want, I'll answer anything if you have any questions. Please excuse me, they are passing out the medications now. A candle is in the window, still missing Kodachrome25....
Enjoy, and Thanks for stopping by.

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