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Programmer and school teacher. My belief is that film photography should not be too perfect, otherwise one can't distinguish it from digital. Let it look imperfect, artistic and archaic.

Not really photographer - my skills are under-mediocre :) So I'm just trying to share some pictures of life, mainly in my hometown, in Russia - and provide some meaningful descriptions / stories behind them.

I use only basic, full-manual cameras (and rather old ones) - they suit well my lack of skills, ha-ha:
- Smena, 1st after-war model, 35mm (LOMO, 1954 - USSR, Leningrad)
- Zorki, 35mm, rangefinder Leica II clone (KMZ, 1955 - USSR, Moscow/Krasnogorsk)
- Zenit 3M, 35mm SLR evolved from the same Zorki (KMZ, 1963 - USSR, Moscow/Krasnogorsk)
- Agat 18K, simple half-frame with shutter-diaphragm (Belomo 1990 - USSR / Belarus) - my first
- Chaika II, half-frame (Belomo 1970 - USSR / Belarus) mostly with handheld flash

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