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 (α)145 It was yellow when I developed Provia in-house

・Recent Movie

 (α)144 ADOX HR-50 B/W Reversal Developing Retry

 (α)143 Monochrome reversal self-development failure survey results
 😭 モノクロリバーサル自家現像失敗調査結果 😅

 (α)142 I took a picture of the cherry blossoms and made dumplings
 😋 桜を撮って、餃子を作った。

 (α)141 Malaysia #40 Stop at McDonald's on the way back from Gunung Lang
 (α)140 I shot cherry blossoms with Wista 45 and Velvia.
 Wista 45 と Velvia で桜を撮りました。

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 YouTube saki saki Channel

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 * Parler Come Back ✨

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