I live in a van. I drove my van from Cape Town to Durban which is more or less 1700 km's. It took me 12 days. I plan to take 36 days to do the trip in reverse with my girlfriend. Stay tuned.

35mm adventure travel
Minolta SRT 201
FujiFilm Superia iso 200
Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1:1,7
国 / 地域:
South Africa
Solo roadtrip

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  1. oriolphotography
    oriolphotography ·

    This is marvelous. Love his expression, the colours and the atmosphere

  2. twenty-haitch
    twenty-haitch ·

    @oriolphotography Thanks man

  3. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    Sehr schön !!!!

  4. kritsalos
    kritsalos ·

    Very beautiful photo...!

  5. sharnouby
    sharnouby ·

    Hey man, absolutely love your work.
    I read the article in which you praised the metering of your SRT-201 , I was wondering what batteries you are using.
    Because I saw one in great condition for sale but I was hesitant because of the px625 batteries but then I saw your article.

  6. twenty-haitch
    twenty-haitch ·

    @sharnouby Thanks man! Unfortunately I dropped my beloved SRT and now the meter is broken!
    There are replacement batteries available. The ones I use are called LR9. Most camera shops have them. Also the batteries last forever. I'm talking years. So I would say go ahead and grab the camera. Nothing like that Minolta glass!

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