here are the final pictures of the F5 movie

because the effect of the film damage by folding the film and scratching and so on. was not ferry notable at latest not as I had imagine it. so I wanted to experiment with other thing that make it look damaged and look how it wold work in motion. the thing it tried now was mainly done with water color. and making scratches various object and I even used wall paper glue

Why its called the F5
I wanted to try out what the effect will be when you scratches your film and when you really fold your film al lot. and I thought it wold fit in a kind off fight scene. with the effect I expect to happen. so I was planning a shot but I never game to it. until I was thinking what if I shoot with my Nikon F5 in a fast burt of shots and make some kind of movie with it like a lomo kimo only less economic with your film. so I did and in no time if got 7 rolls of film in the brands Adox CHS 100 art, Agfa Apx 100, and one fuji color negative. and develop them as a 400 black and withe film.

the movie it self is on youtube:…

after analogue art black boy damage day dog f5 fight film invert movie negative netherlands night nikon sepia untangle white
Nikon F5
Adox CHS
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