I'm odd. But that's good. I don't fit into any box. Unless someone wants to make a Wendybox? It would be small, due to my smallness. And no one but me would be allowed into it. Though i'm claustrophobic, so that might not work.
I am interested in music, photography, arty things, making things, pretty things, CAMRA, film making, writing, crimethink, activism, vegetarianism, climate change & the environment, animals and travelling to list but a few!
I am pretty new the the world of Lomography. I have had my fisheye for just over a year and have had my Holga for a little over 4 months now. An ActionSampler has just been added to my collection and i have plently more cameras on my wishlist! As i take more photos i will update my Lomography home with them and hope you enjoy them.

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  • Album: Action!

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  • Album: Signs

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  • Album: 5am

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  • Album: Animals

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  • Album: Allotments

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  • Album: In The Window

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