Hodachrome's January Photos


Month-by-month I’ll pick up one Lomograph and write a brief Tipster on, and anything associated with my feelings towards, it. The second article features a January-photo. After the jump, I’ll introduce you to a “stellar Lomograph” by virtue of the LC-A+ – a chance I ’ve been waiting for, for a long time!

I shot this Lomograph on a perfectly clear night, in the 1500 meter highland where little artificial light can be seen around. It was, of course, very cold as in mid-winter, but I ’m sure it is the best condition for stellar photography. Long exposure is one of my favorite subjects, as you might know, but this kind of photography was a first-time challenge for me. As a result, star trails were captured, which turned into a fantastic and magical image.

Here’s my brief intro. on how to shoot for the above image:

1. Fix the composition. It was not easy in entire darkness but check carefully around and choose a well-balanced position. At this time I arranged this big tree on the left, as a supporting actor of the stars.
2. Set the tripod and attach a cable release to the camera. Be careful not to have the camera lens become frosty or foggy.
3. Press the shutter button with the cable release. Bulb mode photography is required. (Refer to this Tipster for in-depth info. on fantastic ways of shooting the night world).
4. Wait for about 15 minutes in a warm car. Press the shutter button to close the exposure.

I was worried about how the result would turn out until I developed the film, but it was actually beyond my expectation and satisfied me very much. Especially the greeny-tones by cross process which is very Lomographic! It was quite hard to shoot in minus-15-degrees and in perfect darkness, but I was happy because thousands of shining stars were there to cheer me up. I hope you will be challenge to try this if you have a chance. Don’t forget to protect yourself against cold weather and check the battery, as it dies so quickly in the cold.

Keep shooting everyone! ☺

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Thanks for sharing, very inspiring

  2. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    I love this image. Which direction were you facing?

  3. zofia_wing
    zofia_wing ·

    Beautiful, the green glow reminds me of auroras.
    Re: batteries, I remember this tip from somewhere; keep batteries warm until you need them, an inside chest pocket if possible. When they 'run out' swap them with warm spares. By warming up the cold ones, you should be able to use them again (at -15 its going to take a while, try using them the next day).

  4. thesprite
    thesprite ·

    The end is very depressing.
    'Keep shooting everyone'