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Month-by-month I’ll pick up one Lomograph and write a brief Tipster on, and anything associated with my feelings towards, it. The third article features a February-photo. After the jump, I’ll introduce you to a dreamy photo taken with my favorite technique “Exposing both sides of the film (EBS)” with an LC-A+!

This Lomograph was shot in two places: at an aquarium and in a castle park. First I shot on the normal side of the negative film and on the upper half (dolphin). I then flipped the film in a dark-room and set it into LC-A+ again. Then I shot on reversed/redscale side for lower half (castle). The result is the dreamy and mysterious image featured here.

Here’s my brief introduction on how to shoot for the above image:

1. Set ISO800 color negative film on LC-A+. Make a mark on the film, or take a photo of the position when loading film, as you need to set it as exact as possible once flipping the film.
2. I shot dolphins at an aquarium at ISO400 (you can also use 800). I needed to take care of the angle or position. The lower half of the lens should be as dark as possible. To help you may use a splitzer (I didn’t use the splitzer at this time).
3. After shooting a roll, flip the film in a dark room. Then simply set the film as same way as you did with the first round.
4. I then shot the castle at ISO200. Choose a fine day with “blue sky” because it’s a nice condition for clear MX. And take care not to shoot any bright or obtrusive things in upper half part. (See more about this technique on this tipster and this tipster for making selfmade redscale film).

It was not an easy challenge and only a few images came out nice, this one being the the best for me. The point of success was the choice of unique targets as well as the precise setting of the film. Patience and concentration are also required. Try it out if you have nice idea and the above qualities. Your efforts will be rewarded! :)

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    Trying this now!! Praying for great result!

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    This is great!