Trending LomoKino Movies of 2015

Creating a movie, no matter how short it is, requires an extra effort. For it to be coherent, one must stay focused throughout the entire process – from planning the story, shooting the scenes, to editing the clips. We’d like to commend these lomographers for taking an extra step to keep the spirit of analog movie making alive!

Lomokino #1 by lafilledeer

LomoKino: Ruhrschwäne by dopa

LOMOKINO #3 by lafilledeer

Mandark X The Lomography LomoKino by adidashome

Kids like you and me by tak_nie

autumn in iwaizumi by togotogo

La fille et le chat - Lomokino by jbuth

Petit Paradis by simonlagran

POM // Humanity by pom-art

New track 5 by dr_dorokhov

Aloha! Hauoli La Hanau! by dr_dorokhov

From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to our fellow lomographers for having the trending LomoKino movies of 2015!

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旅やストリートで活躍するコンパクトなワイドレンズ Lomogon。アナログカメラ LC-Aを彷彿とさせる生き生きとした写りと、スマートなダイヤル式絞り。ロモグラフィー渾身の一眼レフ用レンズが登場。MotionGalleryでプロジェクトがスタート!クラウドファンディングでは最大40%OFFでレンズを支援できます。