Kazunari Isshiki on Driving Across America: An Interview

Many travelers desire to have their own taste of the Great American Roadtrip. For many, it's like a passageway to becoming a full-fledged traveler. The United States' rich and variant topography makes the trip worth it, as the experience offers great opportunities to memorialize the scenery in photographs. Such is what Japanese photographer Kazunari Isshiki did, and he's about to share his travel through an interview, paired with his stunning analogue visuals.

Image by Kazunari Isshiki

Hi Kazunari, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Firstly, tell us more about your American road trip! What made you travel the USA?

I have liked American music and movies from long ago and I have longed for it. Also, I wanted to feel all the dry places in America; the wilderness, west coast, New York, all. So, I decided to take a road trip.

Images by Kazunari Isshiki

When photographing the whole trip, you used 120 film. Why did you choose the 120 film?

I choose 120 film format as for me it captures the essence of my subjects obediently and accurately. I wanted to take the picture of America as it was, leaving no details behind.

Images by Kazunari Isshiki

Please share to us the most memorable moment of the entire trip.

At one point the tire got punctured, but the sunset was so beautiful. It was nice to pause and capture a photo. Everything about this roadtrip was beautiful and memorable. I had full freedom but also loneliness. It makes sense to keep moving. I like that.

Image by Kazunari Isshiki

For you, which image came out the best from the series American Road Trip?

I like pictures of straight roads. This is the real pleasure of a road trip.

Images by Kazunari Isshiki

You also shoot portraits and street photography, but in general, what's the most important element for you when composing an image?

Well, it's true that composition is important but for me, the most important element, the number 1, is an inspiration. Take what you felt at the moment you saw as it is before thinking.

Images by Kazunari Isshiki

If you could spend some time with any photographer or artist, dead, alive or fictional, who would it be?

Magnum photographers, William Eggleston, Robert Adams, Tim Barber. I like their pictures at maximum. The sense of temperature is wonderful.

Images by Kazunari Isshiki

What's a day in the life of Kazunari Isshiki look like?

I like watching — beautiful things, people, light — and I like to take pictures of those. Always looking for things that live and exist freely.

Images by Kazunari Isshiki

Any on-going project, or other plans you're keen to work on?

Next time I want to go to Thailand. The bustle, dampness, chaos in Asia. It fits my skin. And, when the humidity is high, my tension goes up and so does the drive to take photographs.

Visit Kazunari's website for more of his works.

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