Lomography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2021 Winners


Now in its seventh year, the Lomography Awards: the TEN AND ONE is the world's biggest competition for the experimental photography scene. Through 11 categories (10 unchanging themes and one special topic that changes annually to reflect contemporary issues), we aim to highlight the ingenuity and creative visions of film photographers worldwide. Meet the winners of the Lomography Awards 2021!

Every One is Everybody

This year's special category, Every One is Everybody, is a celebration of humanity's diversity and how each person can lift others with their unique selves and abilities. May these powerful portraits inspire you to take pride in yourself!

Credits: analogbyvincent, anelrs, feifain, julienlasota & woltersdorf

Adrenaline Junkies

A photo-worthy moment can sometimes pass unnoticed. Good thing, these eagle-eyed photographers are always ready to get into action and capture these impressive snaps of people living the best of their lives.

Credits: ensur, agostinaraffa, locutus, stavard & twonapsaday

Breaking Boundaries

Now that borders are reopening, where do you plan to take your camera next? Here's a tour of some of the most breathtaking places around the globe—no tickets or flights required!

Credits: duffman, eminiss, lomographer_to_be, schwarzesauge & simone_carresi

Game Changers

Same scene, different perspectives. These striking images prove that there's no one way of looking and photographing things. Get ready to gain brand new eyes with how inventive these winning shots are.

Credits: agrimony, aka_papu, amp_puttipong, hervinsyah & severinegodissart

Human Stories

What's the secret behind a good portrait? It's more about making a genuine connection with your muse to merge your ideas into a cohesive photo. Take inspiration from these skillful portraitists!

Credits: benadle, myleskatherine, pandawong, petite_guenon & visualwasted


Shooting in black and white is an effective way to hone your photography skills. Without colors to consider, you get to pay more attention to lighting, patterns, and movements that lead to a striking shot such as in these monochromatic masterpieces.

Credits: zombiezateherbrainz, scout2017, edwardconde, allen_2561, and herecomesyourmtng

Now or Never

Instant photography balances the immediacy of the digital camera and the magic of analogue, making it a perfect middle ground for those who want to dip their toes in both worlds. It may be seen as more casual than other film formats, but these skilled instant shooters elevated it to an art form on its own.

Credits: cinziagabrielph, liviahyams, lry12, oulpiana & popoti

Off the Grid

The hustle and bustle of city life can be exhausting. Escape the urban noise for a while through these immersive shots that can make you feel truly one with nature.

Credits: agrimony, arguimbau, helena-costa, jakkr & mariannapandolfo

Trial and Error

If you haven't tried cross-processing, doing film soups, or shooting a multiple exposure image, are you really a Lomographer? Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the unpredictability of analogue. Allow these experimental photos to be your mood board!

Credits: amanachan, bvttle, fastbr, mippava & pfiddy

Urban Explorers

The streets will never run out of stories to tell. Be sharp, be smart, and always take a camera with you! Who knows that decisive moment is just waiting around the corner.

Credits: hannibalbass, irvingcabreratorres, sleyatx, zairre & gettons


When a single frame is not enough, it's time to put those stories in motion! Watch these captivating short films and be inspired to don your director's hat.

"Lomography's Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera" by PublicUniverse
"february at the baltic sea" by Dominik Jade
"Roskilde festival 2018 1" by MO Masnicová
"How fine the line is between falling and flight" by Solène Milcent
"Follow The Grain …" by FollowTheGrain.de

All our winners will get a Lomography camera each and a spot in our Hall of Fame. Congratulations!

We'd also like to thank our Community members, LomoAmigos, and friends from the press for lending us their time and expertise as part of our jury for this year:

Ami(狂阿弥, Anett Kaposvári, Anna Volpi, Anne-Fleur Sire, Anton Vernydub, Carla Dief, Chris Ke, Claudia Sajeva, Corentin Schieb, Edward Conde, Eleonora Sabet, EMGK, Emma Swann, Emily Swift, Experimental Photo Festival (Laura Ligari and Pablo Giori), HuangMaGua (皇马卦), Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi, Jack Munsch, Jules Renault, Julija Svetlova, Lena Storjohann, Linksphotograph, Lorraine Healy, Maja Jutanda, Martynas Katauskas, Maxwell Schiano, Nicola D’Orta, Noemi Bellioni, Oliver Heinemann, Pirak Anurakyawachon, Revela’T, Simon King, Simone Savo, Sissi Lu, Tobi Pripicart, and Yoshitaka Goto.

Learn more about the Lomography Award: the TEN AND ONE and join our ongoing competitions.

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    Thanks @lomography 💖 glad and sad as the same time because I heard that Eunice will retired from lomography staff. She's one of the best staff that always answering my question patiently. Good luck for your new journey, Eunice

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    @icequeenubia 💖 btw I've been told that the prize will be taxed due to the focken (😄😢) Indonesian custom law, so is that possible to write if the camera price are Rp 100.000? 😄 because my Indonesian lomo friend told me that he should pay 25% tax of the prize's price for last year 10 and 1 prize. Lucky he said because lomography wrote the price Rp 1000.000 but still this is so strange to me because I never pay the tax for the prize before. Sorry for my focken Indonesian custom tax 😄😢🙏🙇

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    @zairre @jakkr cc @lomography I think the winner will also get one roll of the new Lomo Turquoise film as the late prize compensation heh heh heh

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    @zairre check your message, I recently got a message from lomo staff that give me a link to send my address. The reason they're late because the hard worldwide shipping at this pandemic era and the shipping will be doing on october-december

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    @hervinsyah je comprends. En 2020 on nous a dit d'attendre Octobre, puis Décembre, puis Avril etc etc . Le retard était dû à la création d'un appareil photo spécifique pour l'occasion ( série William Klein) et au Covid.

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    @hervinsyah I just got the email by lomo team. The prize is shipping shortly, with delivery starting in 2 weeks.

  65. pandawong
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    @hervinsyah I just got the email by lomo team. The prize is shipping shortly, with delivery starting in 2 weeks.

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    @eminiss me, nothing :( I still have no news

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    I've got it ! I received my prize today. Thanks @lomography :-)