Music Copyright 1992 FOWLER
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  1. malcolm_tremain
    malcolm_tremain ·

    Yeah Brother, fucking beautiful. Great guitar noise. Caught me by suprise but it definitely caught me. Memories of Mazzy Star but more dirt. Love the images and the flow. It is the bollocks and then some.

  2. heliossstardeath
    heliossstardeath ·

    @malcom_tremain Thanks mate. Amazing what one can do with a multitrack recorder. I'm not a terribly good drummer, so I sampled myself on a few drum riffs, then multitracked the rest of the stuff, guitars, vocal, bass... but I liked the aesthetic of those pictures with the sadness of the song.

  3. malcolm_tremain
    malcolm_tremain ·

    @heliossstardeath Great job. The noise is magnificent.