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  1. max-grymonprez
    max-grymonprez ·

    hi i saw that you use the sprocket rocket
    And i am going to buy him too but, in my fotostore they cant digitalize it with sprockets(they can without). So my question is how do you digitalize them
    ps do you enjoy the rocket sprocket :)

  2. dooby
    dooby ·

    Hi Max

    I develop the film myself using a Paterson tank and Tetenal chemicals:
    Developing colour film I use either C41 for regular colour developing, or E6 for cross processing.
    You can of course use C41 to cross-process slide film, using E6 for regular slide development.
    Both kits I've found to be incredibly easy to use so don't be afraid give it a try!

    Feel free to get in touch if you need any tips or reassurance, but there's also a neat tipster you could check out - www.lomography.jp/about/faq/1376-what-is-cross-processing

    To "digitalize" your negatives, I'm using the Lomo Digitaliza to hold the negatives, then I use a scanner I bought just for this - an Epson Perfection V500. I'd highly recommend this piece of kit, it's perfect for the job!

    Good luck!

  3. max-grymonprez
    max-grymonprez ·

    thank you.
    i will digitalize them like you becouse the results are realy nice.

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