Not So Lonely Planet - Nepal in Black and White.

It was magnificent, as I would expect. . . I love travel in rainy season. . . Travel Off Season ...and I come up with the sunny side of the rainy season . . . there are some pretty cool upsides to the rainy season - Low numbers of travellers . . . Better sleep - Woken up in the middle of the night by its beginning, the woosh of a heavy pour is the best lullaby : ) . . . The smell - The smell after the rain is one of life’s great pleasures, and with a cup of tasty nepali tea in the mix. it can be the most relaxing moments ever . . . Act like a kid - when its rain, take door number two and just go for it . . . take off your shoes and act like a kid again. You’re getting wet anyway.So,enjoy it. :-)

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    พี่เค้าโพสได้มืออาชีพมากค่ะ ฮ่าๆ

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