Building Ocaso, Pza. de Pontevedra

Fed 2 under proof.

This time I was trying my Fed 2... With my first one, the shutter curtains were a little frayed and all the photographies showed a flock of burned points around the center of the image.
With this new one I got a lot of photographies out of focus. I don't exactly now if this was a problem with the lenses, with the mount or, and that is as well possible, with the processing.
I feel myself suspicious abut the processing. Lot of greys. And I still got some horrible processed rolls from another cameras I'm already used with. Than I decided to left my usual lab, Foto Artús. I'll reveal just some 120 rolls with them and I'm moving to a different lab, I'll give further news about in less than a month, I guess.
For the moment here are the best pics with this camera, a little weak for the slower speeds...

a coruña b&w city fed 202 galicia kodak t-max 100 sea spain
Fed 2 (オンラインショップで販売中)
Kodak T-Max 100
A Coruña
国 / 地域:
Fed 2

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  1. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    nice one love all the windows!!

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