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I find this bargain on the eBay's shop of a spanish seller. This cam was developed by Cosina as the E1 Solar model, produced as well for another brands as Ricoh -Ricoh XR Solar- and Foto-Quelle -here my Revue Solar 100. Mechanical speeds from 1 to 1/2000, plus B. Silicon sensor lightmeter served by a solar cell that charges a capacitor. Light mostly plastic body. Nice viewfinder with lightmeter indications by a electronic ink display -it works well under daylight, not so easy to read when it goes dark. Double exposure lever... I feel really surprised this camera is unknown in this Lomography page.
The lightmeter is really accurated. You only need about 10 minutes to charge the cell, after this you can freely shoot for hours.
I used the new emulsion Agfa APX 100 developed with Kodak D-76 (dil.: 1+1, 20ºC, 11 min. + 30 sec. Agitation 40 seconds at start and 10 seconds every minute)
Scanned by MAGENTA:

agfa apx 100 new emulsion galicia home developing kodak d-76
Revue Solar 100
Agfa APX 100
A Coruña
国 / 地域:
Revue Solar 100

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