The violinist - Plaza de María Pita. GPS: 43.370506, -8.395492

First roll with the Pentacon Six, a great camera. The only feature is not working in mine is just the frame counter. Well, these pics were part of an exercice entitled "Coru Ghughre" for the subject of Photographic Technique, into the first year for the HNC of Photography in the EASD Pablo Picasso, imparted by Mr. J. L. Neira. We had to shoot a 120 roll into a neighborhood and then, to localize it with GPS coordinates using Google Maps. To took this reportage in the old city of A Coruña took me just an hour and I never used a lightmeter to determine the correct exposure. I'm proud about this roll! Developed with Agfa's Rodinal (R09 ONE SHOT) 1+50 for 20 minutes at 20ºC. Agitated with energic inversions for the entired first minute and then, the first ten second every minute. The film was pre-moistened for about 2 or 3 minutes before to developing it. The purpose of this recipe was to obtain a more compensating developement. Nicely scanned by MAGENTA:

120 developing developing recipe galicia medium format r09 one shot rodinal
Pentacon Six
Ilford FP4+ ISO 125 (オンラインショップで販売中)
A Coruña
国 / 地域:
Pentacon Six

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