Camera: Fed-2, Film: CINESTILL BWxx 135/36. Location: Bengtsfors and Håverud, Dalsland, Sweden

Railbiking and Three Bridges (Boats, Trains and Automobiles) and a horse

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  1. vivskaya
    vivskaya ·

    That horse looks exactly like my grandmas old horsey, Fenja :)

  2. soundbrigade
    soundbrigade ·

    I was driving home from Kalmar where I had visited my grown-up kids and my brother and passed the meadow late last Summer. I spotted the meadow with the mist and the few horses and decided to take some photograohs.
    So maybe it was a divine meaning that I should capture this horse. Also I must say that it was almost magical and I think the camera captured the feeling.

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