Classic Building

East elevation of Ogden, Utah First Security Bank building, looking at heaven. Shot with Pentax 67 and 35mm fisheye f 4.5. On well expired Kodak 6037 Ektachrome EPT 160T from 1978! Shot at ISO 80. Cross processed in Fuji RA4 concentrate at 1:25 (20 ml in 480 ml). Processed at 80 degrees F for 12 minutes under constant agitation. Potassium ferricyanide bleach for 8 minutes at room temp and fixed for 6 minutes in hypam 1:4. This is some of the original E-6 film so I added a pinch of potassium hydroxide to raise the developer ph to 11.1 which is the same as the optimal e-6 color developer ph. #ektachrome #6037 #xpro #cross #160t

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