Black Cat - A LomoKino movie by the Broken Hearts DJs

The Broken Hearts DJs are turntable goddesses, fashion icons, artists, muses, and also our latest LomoAmigos! They've been out and about with the LomoKino and some smashing legwear, and shot us this short film.

Music - 'Black Cat' by The Broken Hearts
Camerawork by Rachael Castell

analogie broken hearts djs fashion film lfw lomoamigo lomography lomokino

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  1. undiscovered
    undiscovered ·

    So cool!

  2. toledomatt
    toledomatt ·

    Cool indeed, I had to watch this a few times!

  3. andie-wang
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  4. andie-wang
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  5. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Their butts are shaking LOL

  6. cecily
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  7. kitija
    kitija ·

    Awesom video!

  8. lomoeugenio
    lomoeugenio ·

    nice one !

  9. hanibale
    hanibale ·


  10. andie-wang
    andie-wang ·


  11. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    i like the song

  12. miguerra
    miguerra ·

    I luv this video :)

  13. pipinapeperina
    pipinapeperina ·


  14. 87lomotempura
    87lomotempura ·

    Wow!!i love it!

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    canadas-lomography ·

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    canadas-lomography ·

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  17. masala27
    masala27 ·

    Cool and groovy music!