A ruined house

I love, love, love this structure !! Was just passing by it the other day and stopped for a minute. I have to shoot it full fledged, the next sunny day.

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  1. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Very interesting. It reminds me a screen from the "Rork" comic-book.

    PS: Check this out :) static0.blip.pl/user_generated/update_pictures/1324779.jpg
    Incredible. ;)

  2. ishifishy
    ishifishy ·

    @yerzmyey Wooaahh !! Love the resemblance. Thanks for the likes and comments :)

  3. avola
    avola ·

    Me too! I am also fond of constructions and ruins as you now:-)) Nice shot!

  4. ishifishy
    ishifishy ·

    @avola Thanks a lot and I am glad to know there are people who share this crazy love ;-)

  5. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    WHAT a GEM!

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