Nickelodeon Photo-Blaster

This is such a cool toy-type camera! It shoots 4 separate photos on a single frame of 35mm film, but unlike the Lomo Actionsampler, it shoots each photo one at a time. That's 144 photos on a roll of 36. There's really not a lot of specs for this camera. Two 27mm f9.5, 2 element lenses, fixed focus, one shutter speed, manual flash and a sliding lens cover. They were made in China in the 1990's and imported to the United States by Long Hall Technologies in New York. By 1999 they were discontinued. I bought 2 at Target off the clearance shelf for $10 each. Next time you're invited to a wedding and asked to "bring your camera because we can't afford a real photographer", haul this out and blast away. You may never get asked to shoot another wedding for free. UPDATE: 06/14/2012 This camera is available on but in a different color scheme. It's called the X-treme Pix by GoPhoto. They must be running low on stock because they are going for about $90.00.

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