horrific memorys

(EN) I remember it well it was a cold night and I was standing under light on the wall. and after a view poses and mind that part was done. and workout so as you can see. at lest that came close to what I had in mind. manly because of he dark background I didn't know jed back than.
so after I was the gunman I take the position of the wounded on the cold ground and lay there for a few minutes in a slow dragging despaired crawling motion. but I want to be that part a bit vague but I didn't realize is that after i was done with the gunman the ground was already good exposed by the light from the wall. so I think I had to do that part way longer or use a divert lighting method.

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Adox Golf
Adox CHS Art (35mm, 100iso)
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night photography

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  1. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·


  2. untangleart
    untangleart ·

    haha thats right
    I have to give something like this another try so it more clear what your looking at. because the victim is not very visible.

  3. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    the blurriness makes the shot even more appealing. crimes happen so abrupt, making the actual event blurry or vague in your memory, and victims are often "invisible" even in plain sight.

  4. untangleart
    untangleart ·

    thats true :) I must say thats was a bit the thing I was going for in this one. but you describe it even better.

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