Christchurch Quay

Mamiya 6MF,
35mm adapter,
Rollei Redbird (rated as 64asa)

50mm adapter birds boats christchurch mamiya panorama quay red redbird redscale rollei sprockets sun yellow
Mamiya 6MF
Rollei Redbird
国 / 地域:
United Kingdom
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6 Comment

  1. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    great shot! and so many likes! i told, you didn't i? your pictures are great! ;)

  2. thecheekyscamp
    thecheekyscamp ·

    You were right. I rock! ;)

  3. huneprut
    huneprut ·

    100 ;)

  4. fmadera
    fmadera ·

    Hey, one question, how do you get the image on the sprokets with the mamiya ? I have a 7II but when I used the 35mm adapter I get them all nice cropped in rectangles (because of the mask) I want to try shooting without this mask but Im afraid when I rewind the film it might scratch the lens. U know ?

  5. thecheekyscamp
    thecheekyscamp ·

    I shoot without the mask on the 6mf and have never had any problems. I don't know about the 7 but on the 6mf the rear element of the lens is miles away from the film plane so as long as you're careful at the end of the rewind it should be fine.

  6. thecheekyscamp
    thecheekyscamp ·

    or just engage the darkslide before rewinding

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