Amateur photographer, using Praktica LTL, MTL 50, Olympus Trip 35, Cosina CT 1g, Prakticar (compact), Beirette and others. Soon it will be an Exa 1a too. I have to admit, that seeing the world through a photographic lens is something special to me. Taking a picture of a scene appears to me similarly to picking the raisins out of a cake - it comes to the essence of it all. Perhaps some of you out there enjoy looking at some of my pictures. Thanks for keeping an eye on them. Comments are always welcome.
Here is where paradise must be for the analog photographer, I visit regularly : POTD
My motto: ‘The PRAKTICA is in its element when the task is to photographically shape a specific content. Just like a painter in front of a white sheet of paper we do not have much more than the four corners of our viewfinder to start with and – PERHAPS! – an idea.’ (Roger Rössing, 1929-2006)

All photos are © crosschannel and all rights are reserved

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