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    self swap withe the lc-wide in half frame mode. First exposure at the beach in the Algarve, second in Saint Petersburg (Russia)

  • ゴトウヨシタカ フィルム写真展 RISK TAKER VOL.4

    2018-12-06 refallinsasaki の記事
    ゴトウヨシタカ フィルム写真展 RISK TAKER VOL.4

    ゴトウヨシタカさんの個展「RISK TAKER」シリーズ第4弾が名古屋で開催されます!

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    Multiple exposure + filmsoup. My article

  • he waits, that's what he does

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    Snapped this guy checking out conditions at Sennen Cove, Cornwall where the sea was packed with people of all ages learning how to surf. All the beginners were on foamies so this board stood out a mile with it's classic shape, lines and colour.

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    Some say they can’t take their camera out of their minds… Well, this lady did take it quite literally, huh? The amazing wonders of doubles, indeed! (P.O.T.D. 04.16.13) with@diana3009

  • Birds in your stomach

    2012-04-23 palkina がシェア

    this is my first ever bw film on lc-a. and my first self-developement // I shot this film very quickly in the lunch break. just was going to shoot the test roll for the test development. finally it was a lucky lunch break for me.

  • @aceradendesenasuria

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    on Jalan (street/road) Banceuy, Bandung, Indonesia

  • City splitzer

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  • This is my London lomowalk

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    But if you are liking it, you may also like BRICK LANE:

  • Géranium et Sacré-Coeur

    2012-07-07 mczoum がシェア

    My first try of the Tungsten and I love the result !

  • Red Beach

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    Don't know why it is so red... :-(

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  • 写真展「Re:PHYSICAL GRAFFITI -future present past-」開催のお知らせ

    2017-04-05 JULES_FXXK の記事
    写真展「Re:PHYSICAL GRAFFITI -future present past-」開催のお知らせ

    ロモグラファーも多数参加しているトイカメラ・フィルムカメラの写真展「Re:PHYSICAL GRAFFITI -future present past-」が渋谷のギャラリー・コンシールにて開催されます!今回会期中にはロモグラフィーの35mmフィルム用ムービーカメラ LomoKinoを用いたショートフィルム「キラキラヒカル」の上映も行います!お近くの方は是非足をお運びくださいませ!

  • ロモグラフィックに身体で表現しよう!

    2017-03-07 #tutorials


  • 【コンペティション】春よ、来い!



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    This is a doubles with myself. First layer is a full moon taken with a 500mm objective, a second layer is a farm house taken with a polar filter in a sunny day.

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  • Zwei Schwestern (Northkorea #53)

    2017-02-02 wil6ka がシェア

    Panoramic shots from eternal Pyongyang. I had a good view from the Yanggakdo Hotel, good weather, to have an overall glance over the city and the Taedong-Gang river. One of the more impressive monuments is the site of the two sisters, who basically represent the two Koreas and the will to unify. Going up north we rested at a pitstop with grand lake-view and quirky architecture.

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  • Ägäis

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  • Eleganza

    2012-12-15 sirio174 がシェア

    Campionati giovanili e juniores di pattinaggio di figura su ghiaccio a Casate, fotografati in luce ambiente con pellicole Ilford HP5+ tirate a 1600, 3200 e 6400 ISO!

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  • #SeoulFashionWeek #Part2

    2015-11-12 arguspaul がシェア

    Return to Seoul Fashion Week. After having such a great time back in March shooting portraits during the Spring session of Seoul Fashion Week, I knew I’d return for the Fall session in hopes of meeting some more colorful people. I was not disappointed. Glamour was everywhere you looked. Professional models came outside and mingled with their fans, while aspiring hopefuls caught the attention of various media outlets. At any time, you could turn and see interviews being conducted and walkway struts performed on the concrete. With so much spectacle permeating through the UFO-like architecture of Dongdaemun Plaza, a surreal experience is impossible to escape. Which I believe is why these events are so popular. Rest assured I hear John Berger speaking in my ear. The only thing that had really changed was security. There were noticeably more guards at entranceways and exits. Organizers also decided to restrict access to the trademark DDP staircase. Only designers and their models were allowed to walk up or down them. Which was fine with me, though it would have been nice if it were open to the public like last time. This closing off of space caused more people to be corralled into the plaza area, and pushed others into the main walkway that rises to meet the city street. It made my practice a bit more hectic but lively as well. All in all, I am happy with the event and can’t wait until next year to continue this portrait series!

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    #35mm #filmisnotdead #analog #analoguevibes #lomography #lomolca #lomographyspain #ломо #film

  • Photos from wedding day of Denisa and Rišo :)

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    I was a co-photographer (analoq) - it was first time I tried taking photos like this - wedding-photos :) It was very good experience for me , i hope, it wasn´t last.. :) Thank my sister Zuzana and camera-guy Tomáš :)

  • 夏日夢 -purple daydream in summer

    2014-07-29 hodachrome がシェア

    Result from Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400

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  • Gaïa

    2016-09-30 argentic-translation がシェア

    #Doubleexposure on #Ilford FP4+

  • Velvet Velvia

    2016-08-25 gauthierdumonde がシェア

    It's Velvia RVP50 - - My last rolls. Damn I had a fridge full of these and now I only have a few 5-packs left.

  • モノクロ写真に学ぼう: モノクロの魅力とは?

    2016-09-14 Ciel Hernandez の記事
    モノクロ写真に学ぼう: モノクロの魅力とは?


  • 山本穂高×畠山健一写真展「季節を彩る肖像たち ~season of the hearts~」

    2016-08-18 #ニュース #people hodachrome の記事
    山本穂高×畠山健一写真展「季節を彩る肖像たち ~season of the hearts~」

    ロモグラファーの山本穂高(hodachrome)さんと畠山健一(kennichi)さん両名による写真展が、今年京都市にオープンしたJabberwock gallery(ジャバウォック・ギャラリー)にて9月上旬より開催いたします!展示のテーマは、フィルムカメラによる「多重露光のポートレート」。京都へお越しの際、またはお近くにお住まいの方はぜひお越しください!

  • scrappy

    2012-02-04 hodachrome がシェア

    Met this beautiful subject just by chance while driving in my town. One of the most favorite shots by redscale film. Shot with a splitzer.

  • 【hodachrome製品レビュー】Lomo'Instant Wide

    2016-06-21 #gear hodachrome の記事
    【hodachrome製品レビュー】Lomo'Instant Wide


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  • Manon

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  • 夏色の肖像 -summer portrait

    2016-02-01 hodachrome がシェア

    From filmswap project with my favorite photographer Kennichi. I shot sunflowers in Gifu with LC-A+ first, then sent the film to him and he shot a portrait with his SLR camera at sunset beach in Chiba. His lomohome:

  • 山本穂高(hodachrome)写真展「花奏 ~ ensemble ~」 開催のお知らせ

    2015-11-04 #ニュース #people hodachrome の記事
    山本穂高(hodachrome)写真展「花奏 ~ ensemble ~」 開催のお知らせ

    山本穂高(hodachrome)による写真展のご案内です。11月の撮影ワークショップ開催に伴い、主催のPhotolabo hibiさん(京都市)のギャラリースペースにて特別展示「山本穂高写真展 ”花奏 ~ensemble~”」を行います。

  • 写真展「PHYSICAL GRAFFITI -road. reload-」開催のお知らせ

    2015-09-04 #ニュース #people hodachrome の記事
    写真展「PHYSICAL GRAFFITI -road. reload-」開催のお知らせ

    ロモグラファーも多数参加しているトイカメラ・クラシックカメラ・自作カメラの写真展「PHYSICAL GRAFFITI -road. reload-」が開催されます!2年ぶりの大阪開催です! お近くの方は是非足をお運びくださいませ!

  • 一匹狼必見!セルフタイマーを使ったLC-A+による自分撮りの方法

    2015-08-13 #gear #tutorials hodachrome の記事