Melanie, Graphic Design student from The Netherlands. Self thought bookbinder, printmaker and analog photography nut. I love almost all things vintage, so Lomography is perfect for me. Old enough to grow up analog, went digital and found my love for handmade, vintage and analog back during my University of the Arts education.

My collection started out with my red leatherette Yashica 44, but really took off when I bought someone's collection of around 50 cameras. I now have around 100 cameras, but not all of them are going to stay with me. You can find my articles about the adventures of cleaning and testing my cameras here:

My collection grew to big to list all the cameras here, so you can find them here:

I develop all black and white film myself and color films go to a local lab. For scanning I use the Epson V550. I use both the original scanning masks and the 110 and 135 sprocket masks from DigitaLIZA.

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