When looking at a beautiful sunset, human beings are not looking at the real sunset that spreads in front of them, but the sunset in the nostalgic memories of one day.
When I see the sky over an empty vacant lot under construction, I sometimes think of the sky over the sea.
When I see the golden paved road in the sunlight, I sometimes imagine a wheat field that has grown all over.
Even if the eyes are gazing at the landscape, they are actually looking at the imagined scenery in their mind. People are impressed by the beautiful scenery because they recall not only the beauty of the scenery but also the beautiful memories in their hearts.
The photographer is not looking at the photograph itself, but at the mental images in his mind corrected by his sensibility and imagination.
That is why people often do not understand the photographer's intentions.
I want to shoot a mental image, not a real landscape that extends outside me.
I want to shoot a world where the inner image and the real world overlap.

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