Hey there! My name is Sumner (Ben) Franke. I’m a creative polymath and although I’ve studied art and design my entire life, I'm currently obsessed with photography. I started taking photos with artistic intention as a new creative medium in June 2018 but didn’t try my hand at film until summer 2019. My obsession evolved as I tried and collected every camera and film stock I could get my hands on. Now I own way too many.

Following more than ten years of academic figure art and anatomy studies, my focus often surrounds the purest celebration of the sculptural and metaphorical beauty of the human body, free of the branded materialism we so often hide behind. There is unmatched storytelling in every aspect of the body, especially juxtaposed against the scale and unfathomable age of our planet. I’m interested in deep states of reflection in relation to nature and subsequent self expression that arises through alignment with these elemental forces and locations. Ever seeking timeless moments during which one might say the soul itself is revealed.

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