My cameras: Canon AE-1, Canon FX, Zenit TTL, FED 5, Kiev 6C

Trying to catch most valuable moments of my life on the camera roll.

My Instagram: the_modesta

I prefer to use full mechanical cameras, and like to control all process by own hands. It's take time and I love to spend that time with my camera. B&W films I usually developing and scaning by myself (last time I doing it with digital camera) and most of color films scaning and developing by photolabs. Sometimes I printing by enlarger from b&w negative using my Leningrad 6 and Vega 11U.

Film photography for me it's about process, result is just a nice compliment.
I like photographing animals and find intersting point of view on the streets and nature...

Yours likes and comments always keep my heart warm, and pushed me to shoot more, thank you all!

Some of my digital shots of animals:

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