mistakes were made

this was the first time that I using the belair but the results were not that good. I think its mostly because theres not enough light to take a picture hand held in the way I did. because a lot of the pictures are blurred. but I shall give it a noter try later.

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  1. california-poppy
    california-poppy ·

    sooo dreamy and starry-like, so beautiful! you may think that you messed up, but these are too beautiful to be called a mistake! great job! i love them! haha even some of the best pieces of art may have been mistakes at first, but looking back again after a while, they come to look more amazing than what could have been tried for or planned out. haha ;)

  2. untangleart
    untangleart ·

    @california-poppy thanks for the comment and your right. thats also one of the fun things about analog photography.

    but I mainly said it because a lot were not usable because of it. this one was idd a interesting one.

    I think that in this case the dirty developer worked also fun. because it gives it a bit of a star field look mixed with the tree's

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