Jeep Lava tour Merapi mountain

Jeep Merapi Lava Tour is an adventure tour in Yogyakarta, located in Merapi Kaliurang, right jeep at the foot of Mount Merapi. A Jeep tour with off road crossing explores the area around the cold lava flow and eruption of Mount Merapi's hot ash during the eruption. With a rocky and sandy road surface from the eruption of Mount Merapi. You need to use glasses and a Merapi jeep mask because this Jeep will race very fast. You have to hold tight so as not to get thrown out of the jeep. It may be a jeep that scares you. But this will be very interesting, enjoy merapi adrenaline fun and fun at the same time.

Along the jeep merapi jogja road will see the jeep view of the village that was destroyed and abandoned by Merapi its owner because of the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010. Jeep drivers provide jeep masks for passengers to filter dust and Merapi Lava Tour with experienced drivers crossing the road off to Merapi. We recommend Merapi to visit Kaliurang to try Merapi Lava Tour in the dry season. The top of the Mount Merapi jeep will be clearly visible, even if it rains, splashing water from above and along the Merapi Jeep track will add to the excitement of your tour jeep. Jeep drivers provide coats for passengers.

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