Audi 100

Once again this roll is an exercice entitled "Vintage" for the subject of Photographic Technique, into the first year for the HNC of Photography in the EASD Pablo Picasso, imparted by Mr. J. L. Neira. I fell under the fascination with a wasted Audi 100, a nice theme to improvise an expresionist Photography performance. Of course some old odd little things, buildings and storefronts. It was developed in the lab of the School. with Agfa's Rodinal (R09 ONE SHOT) 1+50 for 20 minutes at 20ºC. Agitated with energic inversions for the entired first minute and then, the first ten second every minute. The purpose of this recipe was to obtain a more compensating developement. Nicely scanned by MAGENTA:

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