Against the sun 🌇

Snap the object against the sun was something that I always refused to did but this one was after I went back from watching football match at suburb (sad my fave club must played at suburb far from the city because of missmanagement of the city stadium that managed by the new city major who his leadership capability are doubted because the previous major which now became the governor of west java are great leader also full of impression self image maker said his hater😂) near Bandung city but it's very far from my home so I can't chase the last public transportation and must stayed at the backyard of this Mesjid Agung (big mosque) Bandung. But the situation are not the same anymore the last time I spend the night here when I was leaving home after fight with my dad😂 now there are so many rat which made me can't slept and in the middle of the night some screaming that there are pickpocket and suddenly all the hobo get up from their slept and chasing the pickpocket and punch him. Thanks because the office of civil discipline administration police are beside the mosque. So the broken face pickpocket after get punched with the mass are safe inside the office. But it made me can't slept. Finally when the sun was rised I did selflomowalk while waiting my custom photo lab open hour I decided to don't think just shoot lomowalk which I regreted it now because the price of roll film in Indonesia now are CRAZY 😢 even very expired film sold which the price that similar to fresh slide film 5 years ago😄 I just hated the buyer who are very smart when googling the old camera specification but didn't know the quality and the price of very expired film😬 it ruined the price of film in Indonesia😠😡

bandung hervinsyah indonesia islam mosque
Nikon F55
Kodak Color Plus 200 (35mm) (オンラインストアで販売中)
AF Nikkor 28-80mm f3.5-5.6G
国 / 地域:
Kodak Colorplus negative film ISO 200 (135mm) (fresh & expired)
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