Bank Clock

I needed to always know what time it is! This clock is right twice a day! This clock has been on this corner my entire life. Touch and go how long it has left. Used to turn (and tell the time). First Security Bank building. My mother used to bank here. She told me of a time she fainted when she was 9 with her mother in this bank.

Shot with Pentax 67 and 35mm fisheye f 4.5. On well expired Kodak 6037 Ektachrome EPT 160T from 1978! Shot at ISO 80. Cross processed in Fuji RA4 concentrate at 1:25 (20 ml in 480 ml). Processed at 80 degrees F for 12 minutes under constant agitation. Potassium ferricyanide bleach for 8 minutes at room temp and fixed for 6 minutes in hypam 1:4.

This is some of the original E-6 film so I added a pinch of potassium hydroxide to raise the developer ph to 11.1 which is the same as the optimal e-6 color developer ph.
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